Life at OJC

We attach particular importance to the living environment of our teams.


Life balance 

Work-life balance

Our vision of the business world is to enable our employees to balance their professional and personal lives as best as possible. For all our employees, whether they work from home or in our offices, we adhere to the principle of shorter working days so that everyone can maintain a balance between their work time, family life and leisure time.

Similarly, an employee who has personal constraints may be granted, on an exceptional basis, the right to work from home or to make up his or her working hours in agreement with the manager. The flexibility offered by OJC is the natural counterpart of individual commitment and goodwill.

Opportunities abroad

International work experience

OJC's growth is supported by a dynamic geographical development in countries where its main clients have their decision-making centers. Our employees are currently deployed in 7 countries in Western Europe and North America.

This development offers new perspectives to our teams, wherever they are in the world. Discussions, travel and sometimes even expatriations, these international opportunities contribute to the development of our employees and the richness of their professional experience.

Working in home office

Work where you live

While qualified individuals may live far from the cities where OJC's subsidiaries are located, the digital nature of our business lends itself to home-based work. This flexibility of location is a strength for us, as it allows us to have consultants and engineers present in many cities where our clients are located. For our consultants, this way of working allows them to live in the city they love while having challenging work and responsibilities within OJC.

At OJC, half of our employees work from home, in France and abroad.

High-quality offices 


An ideal working environment

OJC's offices around the world are modern, bright and of high quality. They are equipped with all the necessary services. They are also located in the most dynamic and well-served areas of the cities where the subsidiaries are located.

OJC around the world

Our headquarters are located in Vannes, Brittany. The other OJC teams are located in major European and North American cities where our clients are based.