Our values

We strive to have a positive approach to society





Environnemental choices  


We are committed to doing our utmost to ensure that all of our offices around the world strive to reduce our environmental footprint on a daily basis. For this reason, OJC has integrated an approach that is attentive to environmental concerns in several ways. 

Equality and diversity


At the heart of our corporate vision

Professional equality within our teams is one of our priorities. At OJC we adhere to the political principle of equality, according to which all human beings have the same rights and obligations, without discrimination.

In our view, it means appreciating each employee for their skills, qualities and contribution to OJC's business, regardless of age, gender, culture, profession, beliefs or location. The uniqueness of each individual is an asset to OJC. It allows us to cross-fertilize knowledge, experience, and perspectives in order to anticipate and respond to our clients' needs.

We want all employees in our company to have the same opportunities to develop. Access to positions of responsibility is the same for all and balance at all levels of the company is our constant objective.

Encourage team cohesion 

A friendly work atmosphere

Imbued with a corporate culture inspired by the start-up spirit, OJC is characterized by team cohesion and conviviality in the office and after work. Regular meetings at the head office allow our teams to get to know each other, regardless of where they live in the world. These interactions create a great sense of solidarity in the workplace and create moments of recreation such as a soccer game or lunch between colleagues.

The proximity with the members of the management makes dialogue easy and decision making quick.

Aiming for excellence 

Recognized expertise

In order to best meet the needs of the companies we work with, each mission is carried out with the same high standards of quality and seriousness demanded by prestigious clients.

We select profiles with strong functional, technical and organizational skills. Our engineers and consultants are involved in numerous strategic projects for large industrial and service groups. They all pay particular attention to methodology, quality and customer satisfaction.