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OJC Sweden 

Present since 2018 in Sweden, we work for large local groups that have an international dimension.

Our office is located in the capital and largest city of Sweden: Stockholm.

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Stockholm, the Swedish capital

European Green Capital

The capital of Sweden is very dynamic, especially thanks to the local and multinational companies established in the city. It offers very interesting opportunities in the fields of innovation and new technologies.

In addition to the economic opportunities we see, Sweden is also a beautiful country ideal for nature lovers, with an archipelago of about 30,000 islands.

A modern office

To facilitate collaboration

Located in the heart of the capital, our office is situated in a modern coworking space with a clear view on the very dynamic district.

The building has conference rooms, kiosks, kitchens, garage etc.. It is also easily accessible by public transportation.

Photo gallery of the Stockholm office, Sweden


Phone: +33 2 97 42 45 22

Email: contact@ojc-consulting.com